About Us    

CKV & Associates is a team of 20 lawyers lead by Mr.C.K.Vidyasagar who has significant and diverse experience of thirty five years in various field of law. Mr. C.K.Vidyasagar and Associates established an ethos of welcoming clients with friendliness and informality. The number of associates has varied from time to time, but is now focused on a nucleus of eighteen associates who specialized in different areas of law. Because quality of the work comes first with us, strong client relationships are our priority. Our in-depth knowledge of law and functioning of legal system coupled with practical wisdom enables us to deliver high quality of service. We again and again review and judge our own performance and hold regular client feedback sessions to see how we are doing, what we have done well and where we could improve. Our team is strongly committed to the ethics of this noble profession and we believe in trusted client relationship with result oriented service.